My Letter To The First Lady

Recently, Laura Bush showed off her new china set.  This is the letter that I sent to her regarding said purchase. 


Laura Bush,
I wanted to voice my opinion on your new china set. 
While it is lovely, I think it is in very bad taste to be exhibiting such an extravagance while there are people in our country in such need.  I personally know many people who are not only in danger of losing their homes, but are struggling to feed their children. 
I am aware that you purchased this with ‘private funds’ and that the purchase was made when times were better fiscally.  However, that does not exclude you from the disastrous offense of showing off a purchase that costs more than the median house price in this country.  The county you and your husband have sworn to care for, a country that is in economic shambles. 
Shame on you and your lack of taste.  May your successor make better social choices than you.

(I actually used my proper name, but didn’t want to post it here)


While, I don’t expect a response nor an apology for her poor behavior (or for this to be read at all by anyone of consequence other than you), I thought she deserved to be scolded.  

I hate to think that I actually wrote this because I’m in a bad mood, because I have been puking all day.  No, I’ve been puking for months and haven’t written a single nasty letter…… well there was that one to W……

Anyhow,  I stand by my letter.  I’m posting it here as I’ve not been knitting terribly much as of late and lest you think I’m dead, I figured I should post something that I’ve worked on.


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