I can’t believe it!


Loki got glasses almost a week ago.  I’m really surprised at what a difference it’s making for him.  Not only has he been seeing things more clearly and sitting down while watching T.V. , but he seems to be talking a little clearer and isn’t as easily frustrated.  If all of that wasn’t enough, he’s tragically cute in them. 



Apollo’s First Day Of School

Apollo and Loki both started school last week.  We’ve always homeschooled, but the boys were wanting a class setting a few days a week, and were really missing out on group play.  So we shopped all of the Homeschool Public school programs and picked the one we liked the best.  Apollo was hoping to ride the bus, and have a lunchbox so it isn’texactly what he was hoping for but it’s working out great.  He’s made a friend and we’ve already planned a play date for next week.

Loki is taking one class and is doing pretty well.  He had some tears in class today, so his teacher plopped him on her lap and he was fine.  I sat in with him for part of the class to help him illustrate his ‘Hh Book’.  His handwriting is really coming along and he’s enjoying playing in the gym for recess with all of the kids.


Loki’s First Day of School

We are having a very good time meeting people and getting used to our new routine.  The boys can’t wait to leave for school and want to stay as long as we can while we’re there.  Apollo has said that he’s glad that he only has class for a couple of hours a week.  Apparently four hours is just enough.   I’m enjoying watching the boys interact with the other kids.  Apollo is a quiet boy who is happier in small group or one on one situations, and I’ve been so amazed to see him muster up the courage to ask kids questions or if he can join in their game.  Today I got to see him joking around with another kid while they looked at a book on the bleachers.  It just makes my heart so glad.  Naturally, Loki can be found throwing a ball against the wall as hard as he can or playing in the midst of a swarm of girls.  Always loved the ladies, he has.

I’ve met far too many people in the last week for me to remember all of their names, and it’s been really fun.  There are babies all over the place and moms who are more than happy to tell me all about their families while I listen and knit.  It’s been a very busy coupla weeks.


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