Contest Winner!

We had a hard time agreeing who had picked the best scene, there were so very many to chose from.

The top three pics were Charlotte,  Kelly, and tori

And the winner is……



Oh, the excitement is killing me!!!



“My favorite scene is when the Weasley twins leave Hogwarts. I am utterly delighted by the thoughts of them creating a bog in Hogwarts and how angry that makes Umbridge. I love the mayhem they created in that scene. The description in the book is so fantastic.”

Kelly, please email me your address at habetrotspins at gmail dot com so I can get your hat out to you!


Thanks everyone for entering.  I’m planning on holding a Fiber related contest every first Friday of the month, so come back for more!


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Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club Rosebud

Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club Rosebud

This was the May fiber for the Spunky Eclectic Roving Club. 

Yarn Specs:

8 ounces of Corriedale

916 yards, 18 wpi

I keep thinking there should be enough of this to make a simple top for myself. 

It’s so soft!

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First Friday Fiber Freebie

A contest!  A contest!

After blocking this really amazingly soft hat, I realized that the colors are all wrong for me.  So what to do?  Why have a contest of course!

Hat Specs:

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Snail Hat Pattern out of The Opinionated Knitter.

Yarn: Hufflepuff, Black Merino with some Yellow and Sparkly, handspun by me.

(As some might know, black is really hard to photograph, but the hat is really way more beautiful than the pics show)

The Rules:

Please leave in the comments of this post (or on your blog with a link in the comments) your favorite HP scene either in the books or movies, and tell me why it’s your favorite.  I’ll read the comments to the house Gods (Thor, Apollo, & Loki) and we’ll vote on the winner. 

You have until Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 5pm Pacific time to enter.  The winner and their scene will be posted on Monday.

Good Luck!

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Just In Case You Wanted To Know……

This is what I look like while doing a Carmen Electra exercise tape.


Really.  I’m that sexy.

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Frog Pond

Well, wouldn’t you know it?  The Cobblestone Pullover is MILES too big on Thor.  He’d have to gain about 50 pounds to make it fit right.  Sooooooooo off to the frog pond. 

I had considered that I would shorten up the yoke, and then block it long with the hopes that the sweater would end up getting thinner as it got longer, but the last time I tried to seriously alter as sweater’s shape by blocking, I ended up not really loving it.

I have thought about the construction of the sweater, and am pretty sure that I’m just going to use the pattern as more of a guide and make the next one from the top down.  I’ve got Barbara Walker’s Knitting From the Top and will use her directions to work it out. 

I did start spinning my Wedding Shawl Fiber and will post pictures of that tomorrow along with pics of my Lady February Sweater in progress, also started over the long weekend.

All in all, the weekend was bliss (even counting the sweater fiasco).  Saturday Thor and I took Apollo and Loki to the beach in Mukilteo, and spent hours there.  We looked for crabs, and other water life, got some really horrible breakfast at a restaurant that is(thankfully) closing for good, played on the new play toys at the beach and had an all around great time.  On our way to take the boys to their dad’s house we stopped and got some ice cream.  Summer day perfection.

The early hours of Sunday were spent spinning on my Ashford Traditional and watching Thor putter around on our back portch.  He’s got quite the little container garden back there!  Then we got a wild hair to go for a hike/walk.  Since I’m seriously out of shape and Thor had knee surgery this spring we got out our Best Hikes with Kids Western WA & the Cascades book and decided to make for the Mountain Loop Highway.  We stopped at the Ranger station (allong with half the known world) to but a rec pass and then headed for the Big four Ice Caves.  Unfortunately, the bridge was washed out and we didn’t get to see the caves.  So we decided that the Old Sauk River Trail sounded good and went there.  The drive to the trail was gorgeous and the walk was divine. 

Monday was our lazy day.  We did a bit of planning for our December wedding and then met some friends for lunch.  After trying to go to a few closed establishments we met at Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon.  Yummmmm, is all that there is to say about this place.  Usually the grease gets to me at Chinese restaurants, but not here.  And the General Tso’s Chicken was amazing.  After lunch we stopped by our friend’s house to see their very happy dog and lovely garden.  Then back home to knit and veg reflect on our lovely weekend.

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The Perfect Fiber

I’ve known for a while that I wanted to spin the yarn that would eventually be my wedding shawl. I’ve looked high and low.  Even bought a few fibers that I thought would work.  But last weekend while at Weaving Works with my fella, I found the fiber I had been looking for.

It’s not too red, or pink, and has some really great deep purples.  100% Merino, and I’m itching to get spinning.  I’ve promised myself that I wouldn’t start with this fiber until the sweater is complete and the plying on my wheel is finished.  I’m trying so hard to finish a project without starting another 92 projects in the mean time.  So far, so good.

I do have some firestar in the same colorway that I might throw in for some bling.  Try as I might, I cannot resist a sparkly anything.  That must be why I shine so!

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Skirting The Issue

The Cobblestone Pullover is nearly complete and I’m having a hard time working on it today.  It’s too bad, too since I could finish it this evening if I just sat down and did it.

So instead, I chose to make myself a skirt.  The flower print, I had for a while.  Just waiting to be made into something and the wavy purple I picked up today.  I used this lovely wrap skirt tutorial and whipped this beauty right up. 

Do the colors look a little loud to you?


What???? I can’t hear you over my skirt.  Tee hee.


More sewing to come.  I bought fabric for a cute lil top for myself and the boys each picked out fabric for p.j. pants of their own.  Sharks for Apollo and Manatees for Loki. 

Is it weird that the lady at the fabric store went on a 3 minute rant about how ugly manatees are while I was paying for this?  Even after I said they were for my son who was holding his stuffed manatee at the time (right next to me)?

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This is the Hufflepuff yarn that I finished today.  The wrap-and-roll method was looking muddy so I switched to a Navajo Ply. 

Here are the specs.

Merino with some sparkle

2.5 ounces

99 yards



I have a secret crush on this yarn.  I’ve no idea what to make with it, but I do have some bulky merino two ply that I spun a while back that I’m sure I could work with it.  Mabye a Hufflepuff scarf?  Could be that I’ll be needing some gold merino to spin up too…….

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Today, I Spin

Plans to swim with friends cancelled.  Sorry! 

My pain level is really high today.  So much so that if I stop moving, that I feel like crying.  Naturally, when you feel so poorly moving is the last thing you want to do. 

So, spinning it is.  It is, afterall, the most fun you can have sitting still while wiggling your feet with your panties on.  Let the meyham that is my house keep for one more day while I pull out Seraphina (my Ashford Traditional) and the last of my Hufflepuff fiber that was graciously given to me on last Yule.  I’ve spun some thin singles and am toying with the idea of doing a wrap and roll yarn with it.  I’ve never done one and this just may be the fiber for it!  We’ll see how long my patience lasts.

Pictures lacking again.  The wheel was borrowed off the net, as I keep forgetting to snag the cord from Thor’s work bag….

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Two Down, Seven To Go

Just minutes ago, I finished the second skein of yarn for Thor’s sweater.  And yes, that means that I have a mere seven skeins left to finish it up with.  The bulk of the body is stockinette stitch, which is quite boring, and I am using this project for some much needed behavior modification. 

Each and every time I start lamenting in my head about how boring the knitting of this is, or how this sweater is going to go on forever, and how I should really cast on something small to add some interest into my day, I immediately stop the line of thinking, or internal whining as the case may be and think instead on how lovely it is to have a project to work on that shows my amazing man how much I love him.  That each stitch is important and makes up one by one the sweater that will keep Thor warm.  By taking the time to put the love in the stitches instead of just wishing to be onto the next set of instructions for the pattern, I’m enjoying the process of repeating the same stitch over and over instead of loathing it. 

Clearly, I’m working on being more ‘in the moment’ and not wishing away the small stuff.  How lucky for me to have the exact long term project to help me practice!

Pictures to come tomorrow.  They’ve been taken, but the cord I need is at work with Thor!

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