I finished this small pi shawl a few weeks ago, and just got pictures taken of it.  The yarn is handspun by me.  The colorway is Rosebud from the Spunky Eclectic fiber club.


This is far too small to be a shawl, but it would make a great baby blanket.  Especially for one born in say July.  Such a baby would need a lightweight blanket to keep the chill off.


I really liked the pattern, it was easy and fun.  It of coarse come again from EZ’s knitting almanac.  I’m certain that I’ll make the pi shawl again.  Next time big enough to be worn by me. 

Oh and the reason I stopped short on this one was that I was working with size 2 needles.  I just couldn’t bring myself to increase up again there would have been nearly 1,000 stitches on a row.  I’ll surely use the suggested size 6 needles on the next go around.


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  1. froghair replied:

    are you….???

  2. coypink replied:

    That shawl is GORGEOUS! Any baby, especially yours, would be lucky to have that as a blanket. 😉

  3. habetrotspins replied:

    Andi – Yes I AM!!! We just found out, and I’ve been in a knitting frenzy ever since. Our due date is July 26th, so I should be able to have a fair amount of knitting done by then.

    Coy – Thank you! I’m really hoping the pink will ‘go’ with the baby!

  4. Thor replied:


  5. froghair replied:

    I have been grinning all day, thinking of the two of you and — as we have traditionally called the unborn in my family — Bufford. Congratulations again!

  6. habetrotspins replied:

    Thor ~ I love you more!

    Andi~ Bufford. I love it. If we don’t come up with our own pet name for unborn baby, we’ll have to borrow it. Thanks for sharing in our excitement!

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