Baby February



I’ve nearly completed the Baby February Sweater out of EZ’s Knitting Almanac.  If you are a knitter, and don’t have this book, go buy it.  It’s the best eight bucks you’ll spend.


The sweater is made from Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool.  I’m in deep adoration of this yarn.  One day, I’ll make something for myself out of it.  But for now, baby garments are on my mind.  I’ve got my heart set on acorn buttons for the sweater.  I’ll need three about a half an inch or smaller, so if you see any please let me know.


The booties are in the same yarn and are halfway done.  The free pattern is easy and cute and I’ve committed it to memory, so I can work on these cuties or more like them wherever I am.


November 24, 2008. Tags: . Uncategorized.


  1. andrea replied:

    adorable! I have to get back to my baby cardigan too — maybe not as cute, but you ought to see the tyke that’ll go in it!

  2. habetrotspins replied:

    Thanks Andi. I’m really please with how the cardi turned out. Now for blocking and buttons. Have I seen pics of your cardi?

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