First Friday Fiber Freebie

A contest!  A contest!

After blocking this really amazingly soft hat, I realized that the colors are all wrong for me.  So what to do?  Why have a contest of course!

Hat Specs:

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Snail Hat Pattern out of The Opinionated Knitter.

Yarn: Hufflepuff, Black Merino with some Yellow and Sparkly, handspun by me.

(As some might know, black is really hard to photograph, but the hat is really way more beautiful than the pics show)

The Rules:

Please leave in the comments of this post (or on your blog with a link in the comments) your favorite HP scene either in the books or movies, and tell me why it’s your favorite.  I’ll read the comments to the house Gods (Thor, Apollo, & Loki) and we’ll vote on the winner. 

You have until Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 5pm Pacific time to enter.  The winner and their scene will be posted on Monday.

Good Luck!


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  1. LaurieE on Ravelry replied:

    I really like the scene from the first movie when Harry is picking out his first wand at Ollivander’s Wand Shop. As he tries the first 2 wands, the boxes of wands explode and crash down. He sheepishly puts the wands down on the counter.

    I like the line from Mr. Ollivander, “The wand picks the wizard, Mr. Potter”. There seems to be a certain amount of prophecy in the rest of Mr. Ollivander’s words when he says, “I think we can expect great things from you.”

  2. Dan replied:

    I’d have to say my favorite scene is the one where Harry is trying to figure out the dragon egg clue in the Prefect’s bathroom. Mainly because Murtle mentions Cedric naked. Yeah, I’m a perv.

  3. Brandy C. replied:

    My favorite scene comes from the Half-Blood Prince. Harry is helping Dumbledore back to the water to hed back to Hogwarts, and he’s encouraging him and telling him not to worry. Dumbledore then says, “I am not worried, Harry. I am with you.” It shows that Dumbledore has such confidence in Harry, confidence that is not always shown through the series. Also, if you read the chapter when they are going to Slughorn’s house, Dumbledore tells Harry danger will not befall him because, “You are with me.” It’s a complete reversal of roles, and is such a powerful line. I get watery eyed every time I read it.

  4. jayne replied:

    In PoA, after Harry falls off his broom in the Hufflepuff game, everybody’s around Harry’s bedside. Harry asks where Oliver is.

    Still in the shower, the twins reply.

    “We think he’s trying to drown himself…”

    Tossup with “Nitwit. Blubber. Oddment. Tweak.”

  5. Becky West replied:

    I really like the scene in Chamber of Secrets where Harry and Ron use the flying car to get to Hogwarts after missing the train. When they’re sneaking into the castle and looking into the great hall they can see all the professors in the Great Hall except Snape and wonder allowed where he is.

    This scene didn’t carry over into the movie…but it should have, the dialogue in the book was priceless.

    “Where’s Snape?” (Harry)

    “Maybe he’s ill” (Ron)

    “Maybe he’s left” (Harry)

    “Or he might have been sacked” (Ron)

    …“Or maybe” pause, “he’s waiting to hear why you two didn’t arrive on the school train” I can totally here this in Alan Rickman’s voice!

  6. Claudia replied:

    Its so hard to pick just one! I do love when Harry first arrives at the Burrow and Mrs. Weasley pops out and screeches “Where HAVE you been?” I also love hearing McGonnagal say ” I will not have you, in one night, besmirching that name by behaving like a babbling, bumbling band of baboons!” In the Book Deathly Hallows I also cheered when Molly tells Bella “Not my daughter you bitch!” You go Molly!

  7. Lora replied:

    My favorite is when Harry and gang are in the Department of Mysteries facing Malfoy and other Death Eaters. They showed a lot of courage and belief in themselves and each other to do that.

    “NOW!” yelled Harry.
    Five different voices behind him bellowed”REDUCTO!” Five cursed flew in five directions and the shelves opposite them exploded as they hit. Towering structure swayed as a hudred glass spheres burst apart, pearly-white figures unfurled into the air and floated there, their voices echoing from who knew what long-dead past amid the torrent of crashing glass and splingering wood now raining down upon the floor — “RUN!” Harry yelled….

  8. Charlotte replied:

    order of the phenix book(sorry for the bad english im from denmark)
    The part where Heromenie is making hat and Harry and Ron is not sure if they can se that it is a hat – later on she is doing cables and all… Love the part and when all the hats are gone, and its dobby who is taking them.

  9. Kelly replied:

    My favorite scene is when the Weasley twins leave Hogwarts. I am utterly delighted by the thoughts of them creating a bog in Hogwarts and how angry that makes Umbridge. I love the mayhem they created in that scene. The description in the book is so fantastic.

  10. Katie O replied:

    My favorite is when they are at the world cup of Quidditch. I love sports and it reminds me of being at a huge football game or a nascar race… people everywhere, cheering, excitement, heartache and pure job(as I sit here and watch football on tv!!) I also love the fact they have this little bitty tent and you walk in and it huge on the inside… Harry says, “I love magic” so simple, yet so true!!

  11. tori replied:

    i love the scene where hermione punches draco in the nose in the fourth movie.

  12. tori replied:

    why does mine say its sept 8 when its only sept 7

  13. habetrotspins replied:

    Thanks for all of your entries everyone! The boys will be home in the morning and we’ll pick our winner then.

    Tori, I think the time zone is wrong on my blog. You are in, and I’ll look into changing the time.

    Thanks again everyone!

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