Frog Pond

Well, wouldn’t you know it?  The Cobblestone Pullover is MILES too big on Thor.  He’d have to gain about 50 pounds to make it fit right.  Sooooooooo off to the frog pond. 

I had considered that I would shorten up the yoke, and then block it long with the hopes that the sweater would end up getting thinner as it got longer, but the last time I tried to seriously alter as sweater’s shape by blocking, I ended up not really loving it.

I have thought about the construction of the sweater, and am pretty sure that I’m just going to use the pattern as more of a guide and make the next one from the top down.  I’ve got Barbara Walker’s Knitting From the Top and will use her directions to work it out. 

I did start spinning my Wedding Shawl Fiber and will post pictures of that tomorrow along with pics of my Lady February Sweater in progress, also started over the long weekend.

All in all, the weekend was bliss (even counting the sweater fiasco).  Saturday Thor and I took Apollo and Loki to the beach in Mukilteo, and spent hours there.  We looked for crabs, and other water life, got some really horrible breakfast at a restaurant that is(thankfully) closing for good, played on the new play toys at the beach and had an all around great time.  On our way to take the boys to their dad’s house we stopped and got some ice cream.  Summer day perfection.

The early hours of Sunday were spent spinning on my Ashford Traditional and watching Thor putter around on our back portch.  He’s got quite the little container garden back there!  Then we got a wild hair to go for a hike/walk.  Since I’m seriously out of shape and Thor had knee surgery this spring we got out our Best Hikes with Kids Western WA & the Cascades book and decided to make for the Mountain Loop Highway.  We stopped at the Ranger station (allong with half the known world) to but a rec pass and then headed for the Big four Ice Caves.  Unfortunately, the bridge was washed out and we didn’t get to see the caves.  So we decided that the Old Sauk River Trail sounded good and went there.  The drive to the trail was gorgeous and the walk was divine. 

Monday was our lazy day.  We did a bit of planning for our December wedding and then met some friends for lunch.  After trying to go to a few closed establishments we met at Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon.  Yummmmm, is all that there is to say about this place.  Usually the grease gets to me at Chinese restaurants, but not here.  And the General Tso’s Chicken was amazing.  After lunch we stopped by our friend’s house to see their very happy dog and lovely garden.  Then back home to knit and veg reflect on our lovely weekend.


September 2, 2008. Tags: , , , . Knitting.

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