The Perfect Fiber

I’ve known for a while that I wanted to spin the yarn that would eventually be my wedding shawl. I’ve looked high and low.  Even bought a few fibers that I thought would work.  But last weekend while at Weaving Works with my fella, I found the fiber I had been looking for.

It’s not too red, or pink, and has some really great deep purples.  100% Merino, and I’m itching to get spinning.  I’ve promised myself that I wouldn’t start with this fiber until the sweater is complete and the plying on my wheel is finished.  I’m trying so hard to finish a project without starting another 92 projects in the mean time.  So far, so good.

I do have some firestar in the same colorway that I might throw in for some bling.  Try as I might, I cannot resist a sparkly anything.  That must be why I shine so!


August 29, 2008. Tags: . Spinning.


  1. froghair replied:

    beautiful! lovely choice.

  2. habetrotspins replied:

    Thank you! I think it will be just right for a Winter Solstice Wedding.

  3. Frog Pond « Habetrot Spins replied:

    […] The Perfect Fiber […]

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