Today, I Spin

Plans to swim with friends cancelled.  Sorry! 

My pain level is really high today.  So much so that if I stop moving, that I feel like crying.  Naturally, when you feel so poorly moving is the last thing you want to do. 

So, spinning it is.  It is, afterall, the most fun you can have sitting still while wiggling your feet with your panties on.  Let the meyham that is my house keep for one more day while I pull out Seraphina (my Ashford Traditional) and the last of my Hufflepuff fiber that was graciously given to me on last Yule.  I’ve spun some thin singles and am toying with the idea of doing a wrap and roll yarn with it.  I’ve never done one and this just may be the fiber for it!  We’ll see how long my patience lasts.

Pictures lacking again.  The wheel was borrowed off the net, as I keep forgetting to snag the cord from Thor’s work bag….


August 21, 2008. Tags: , , , . Spinning.

One Comment

  1. froghair replied:

    ouch! I hope you’re feeling better soon!

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