Two Down, Seven To Go

Just minutes ago, I finished the second skein of yarn for Thor’s sweater.  And yes, that means that I have a mere seven skeins left to finish it up with.  The bulk of the body is stockinette stitch, which is quite boring, and I am using this project for some much needed behavior modification. 

Each and every time I start lamenting in my head about how boring the knitting of this is, or how this sweater is going to go on forever, and how I should really cast on something small to add some interest into my day, I immediately stop the line of thinking, or internal whining as the case may be and think instead on how lovely it is to have a project to work on that shows my amazing man how much I love him.  That each stitch is important and makes up one by one the sweater that will keep Thor warm.  By taking the time to put the love in the stitches instead of just wishing to be onto the next set of instructions for the pattern, I’m enjoying the process of repeating the same stitch over and over instead of loathing it. 

Clearly, I’m working on being more ‘in the moment’ and not wishing away the small stuff.  How lucky for me to have the exact long term project to help me practice!

Pictures to come tomorrow.  They’ve been taken, but the cord I need is at work with Thor!


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